Bill Cubin Becomes Managing Partner of CPA Consulting Group, LLP

Bill Cubin Becomes Managing Partner of CPA Consulting Group, LLP


CPA Consulting Group LLP (CPA) is proud to announce that Bill Cubin is now the Managing Partner of the firm.  He replaces Dick Bell who served as managing partner during the past 20 years.

Bill began his employment at CPA in September 2010. He quickly proved his value to the firm and was made partner in January 2018. Over the years he has been involved in all aspects of firm operations including client management, business operations, human resources, IT and more. Bill has been instrumental in the continued growth and expansion of CPA Consulting Group.  Since Bill became a partner, the firm has increased its business volume, number of clients, number of employees and been through an expansion in office space.

Although Dick will no longer be managing partner, he will continue as an active partner in the firm’s operations. He feels that after 20 years in the position, it is time for a new Managing Partner. Bill’s development at CPA proves he is ready for the job. Bill will continue providing the top quality advice and service that CPA’s clients have come to expect. Dick and all of the employees of CPA Consulting Group know that Bill will flourish in his new role as Managing Partner.

Congratulations Bill, you earned it!!