Cindy Glisczinski: Retirement Announcement

Cindy Glisczinski: Retirement Announcement



As of June 1st, 2024, CPA Consulting Group’s longest serving employee will no longer be seen working at our office. Cindy Glisczinski began employment at CPA Consulting Group in 1990 and after 33 years of dedicated service, she has decided to retire.

Cindy started as the Firm’s receptionist. However, within a short time she became the Firm’s Office Manager and served as such for more than 30 years. In addition, she helped manage the Company’s payroll/bookkeeping department.

Professionally, there were and are none better than Cindy. There was nothing too big or small that she couldn’t handle. From HR, to bookkeeping, payroll and office management, event coordination and planning, Cindy knew and understood more about the Firm’s operations than anyone else. If you had a question about the Firm, Cindy was usually the first person to go and ask. Invariably she knew the answer, but if she didn’t, she sure as heck figured it out.

Whenever someone needed a job or task covered, Cindy was first in line to help. She covered for people when needed and never complained nor expected any return favor. As a colleague, Cindy was simply the best.

However, what really makes Cindy special is that she is a far better person than an employee. Clients and employees alike loved talking with her. Because of her positive outlook and sympathetic ear, anyone who needed personal advice always felt comfortable opening up to Cindy. Somebody was regularly in her office bending her ear. Everyone was welcome there.

After retiring, Cindy plans to help her husband Bob finish up a house flip. In addition, golfing, camping, chasing grandkids and treating every day as a Saturday are in her future plans.

We simply cannot express how much Cindy will be missed. You can’t replace someone like her. She is loved by all of us here at CPA Consulting Group. We are forever grateful for her graceful presence. We wish her the absolute best retirement possible and hope to see her around Casper in the near and distant future. Best wishes Cindy!! Your best years lie ahead. Cheers & bon voyage!