Charity Spotlight: Kaili Holloway and the 12/24 Club

Charity Spotlight: Kaili Holloway and the 12/24 Club


Addiction. It’s a dirty word, for some. Addiction, alcoholic, recovery – for as long as these words have existed, they have been stigmatized. But thousands upon thousands of people are associated with these words. Thousands upon thousands are impacted by them. In Natrona County, alone, countless men and women are battling addiction issues every single day. For these people, there is the 12/24 Club. 

The 12/24 Club, per its website, is “a community resource built around recovery from addiction. We strive to provide a safe, anonymous environment to groups and individuals seeking recovery through mutual support.” 

Support is the key word, because for as stigmatized as addiction may still be, more and more people are choosing to say those words out loud. More importantly, they’re choosing to do what they can to help those who are fighting the hardest fight of their lives. 

Kaili Holloway is one of those people. Kaili, a Certified Public Accountant for CPA Consulting Group, LLP, serves on the Board of Directors for the 12/24 Club as the organization’s treasurer. 

“I was familiar with the 12/24 Club mission, so I went and sat in on one of their meetings and it’s just a really great organization, so I said ‘Absolutely, yes! I will join and see what I can contribute to the board.’ And it’s been that way ever since.” 

Kaili said that she’s known about the 12/24 Club for a while and has always been impressed by the services that they provide – services that are vastly needed in Natrona County. 

“All of us, in one way or another, deal with addiction and recovery, but it’s still very stigmatized, especially in a smaller community like Casper. But the 12/24 Club provides a service that is very necessary. These services are absolutely critical to Casper. I can’t imagine not having a place where people could go to work on their sobriety.” 

The 12/24 Club offers a myriad of services and programs, including: Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Al-Anon, Well-briety Talk Circle, Recovery-Centered Yoga, the J.R.’s Hunt for Life Grief Support Group, Co-Dependents Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, Celebrate Recovery and more. All of these services are free and open to the public, and all of them are absolutely essential to this community.

“The 12/24 Club is kind of like a clubhouse for different meetings,” Kaili said. “They have AA, or addiction/recovery based meetings. But there are a lot of meetings like Overeaters Anonymous, grief and loss groups, and more. The 12/24 Club also provides training and employment opportunities for those that are just starting their sobriety journey. The Fresh Start Cafe is one of our big programs and it exists to employ those that are just freshly in their sobriety.” 

All of these services are made possible because of a dedicated group of men and women, most of whom are volunteers, who are determined to fight the stigma of addiction. These men and women aren’t afraid to stand next to those who are struggling to say “You’re not in this alone.” 

To Kaili, this is one of the great honors of her life. 

“I don’t think Casper would be the same without the 12/24 Club,” she stated. “I see how many people go in and out of it every day. And sometimes you get in this mindset or you kind of get your blinders on and you forget that addiction exists or that recovery is possible. The 12/24 Club is there for people who believe that recovery is possible. And I couldn’t imagine what Casper residents would do if we didn’t have it.” 

As a CPA, Kaili is used to working with numbers. It’s a skill she’s developed over many years and to be able to use her skills and experience for such an important cause means a great deal to her. 

As the Treasurer for the Board of Directors, Kaili provides the monthly financial reports. 

“I also sign the checks and, really, I’m just there to provide oversight and make sure that we’re following our budget,” she said. “I’m there to explain the financial statements to other board members. I provide a monthly overview or discussion points for the financials and try to help them understand a little bit better. Our board is also very active in fundraising, which I try to contribute to the best I can.”

Kaili’s work on the board is indicative of CPA Consulting Group, LLP’s commitment to giving back to their community. So many different employees work on various boards throughout Natrona County, offering their time and their talents to the organizations that move them.

“I love where I work,” Kaili stated. “I’ve been here for almost 12 years, and I think stuff like this just speaks volumes to the heart of the people who work here. They’re willing to give back. Casper has been my home for pretty much my entire life, so to be a part of a company that wants to give back to the community – it’s just absolutely amazing.” 

Kaili says she is thrilled to be able to lend her services to the 12/24 Club. She hopes to continue to do so for years to come, simply because she believes in the mission of this vital organization and she wants to do anything she can to help it continue to provide services and support to those battling any type of addiction. 

“If you have any preconceptions about addiction and recovery, try to have an open mind,” Kaili said. “It could happen to a brother, or a sister or a son. Even if you don’t think that you’re going to be affected at some point in your life by addiction, chances are – somebody you know will. So try to keep an open mind and let’s work to remove the stigmas that are related to addiction.” 

There are many ways to fight that stigma and support the 12/24 Club. To find out more about the services and programs they offer, or to donate to their cause, visit the 12/24 Club website. Those interested in supporting the 12/24 Club can also donate during WyoGives Day, which happens on July 10 every year, or they can attend the Recovery Rally fundraiser in September.