Charity Spotlight: Laura K and Art on the Go

Charity Spotlight: Laura K and Art on the Go


In life, there are left-brained people and right-brained people. Left-brained people, typically, are more logic-minded. They’re analytical. They’re good with numbers. Right-brained people are more feelings-minded. They’re qualitative. They’re creative. Left-brained individuals are oftentimes doctors, or chemists, or accountants. Right-brained people are oftentimes teachers, or actors. Or artists. 

Once in a while, however, a person is both. Laura Kemberling is one of those people. Kemberling is the Administrative Assistant for CPA Consulting Group, LLP. She is very detail-oriented and logical. She’s good with numbers. She’s precise. 

But she’s also an artist. She loves art – the creation of it, the showing of it, the meaning of it. She loves the way art brings people together, which is why, when she was asked to join the Board of Directors for Art on the Go – a local organization designed to “grow and nurture artists of all types,” she jumped at the opportunity. 

Art on the Go was established in 2021 as a way to showcase the work of local artists in a variety of spaces. Art on the Go produces pop-up events throughout the year, including events like Art in the Park, and more. 

“I first heard about Art on the Go through some fellow artists,” Kemberling stated. “They told me about it and I actually joined to be a member – to submit some of my pieces to the pop-up events, and to be a vendor at the Art in the Park event. I was a member for at least a year before the opportunity came up to join the Board.” 

Kemberling stated that after that first year, she started getting emails asking her to come check out one of the board meetings. She did, and she liked what she saw. 

“I went to one and I absolutely loved the diversity,” she said. “Everybody brought something to the table and everybody was willing and happy and it was just a really good environment. After going to a few of the board meetings, I was able to offer some of my input, because I’ve been a vendor at different events for over 10 years. So I was able to bring some of my knowledge of being a vendor to help with Art in the Park.” 

Kemberling officially joined the Art on the Go Board in 2023. 

“It took a while for me to join and it took some convincing because I didn’t want to overload myself or be too overwhelmed with too many responsibilities,” she said. “But I decided that it’s a good thing to be busy with them, and I like what they’re doing. I like that they’re supporting local artists and businesses, so I couldn’t not join.” 

Kemberling brings with her a wealth of experience to the board, and she’s eager to offer up her ideas and suggestions when asked. 

“I kind of stick to what I know, and that’s events,” she said. “So I offer my input about that and do a lot of stuff behind the scenes for events. But I also connect local businesses and artists to each other, and try to help promote things on social media.” 

One of the things Kemberling enjoys most about her role on the board is how many different voices are a part of the organization. 

“It’s just a very diverse group of people,” she said. “Some of us are artists, some of us are business owners. Some of us are engineers. We’ve got a wide group of people on the board and we all bring something different to the table, which helps make it a success.” 

Art on the Go is still a relatively young venture, but it continues to grow in size and scope each year and people are taking notice. Artists are taking notice. 

Kemberling is also relatively new to CPA Consulting Group, LLP. But, like Art on the Go, the more she learned about CPA Consulting Group, the more she felt like it would be a perfect partnership. 

Kemberling said that it was her sister who first told her that CPA Consulting Group, LLP were looking for an Administrative Assistant. Her sister is friends with one of the company’s bookkeepers, and she was asked if she knew of anyone who needed a job. Kemberling did, so her sister offered up her number. 

“The bookkeeper called me and we talked about the job, and she just said so many great things about the company and about everybody that works here,” Kemberling shared. “And she told me about the job duties themselves, and I thought to myself, ‘Well, that’s going to be interesting because I haven’t done this type of work before. I hope I can handle the load, handle the work.’ And turns out, yeah. I can. I can handle it. And I found out that a lot of things that are important to CPA Consulting are also important to me. And so it just seemed like a really good fit.” 

It has been. So, too, has been her partnership with Art on the Go. Kemberling is excited to be a part of something that celebrates and empowers local artists. She knows how hard it can be to get noticed in a town that has so much talent. Being able to offer opportunities and guidance to her fellow artists has been a major honor in her life and her career. 

“Groups like Art on the Go are really important because artists love being able to display their work, and we love that we’re able to provide a place for them to do that,” she beamed. “Being able to help artists express themselves and show their work in the community, it’s a great opportunity.” 

Of course, organizations like Art on the Go wouldn’t exist without support from the community. And there are many ways for the community to support this agency; things that don’t even require any fiscal sponsorship. 

“People can show support by becoming members of Art on the Go,” she said. “You can come to our board meetings and listen and contribute. Members can also volunteer their time for our Art in the Park event, because there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes, and we’re always looking for help for that. Members can submit their hand-made works of art to our pop-up events. And even simple things like sharing artists’ pieces on Facebook. We have a Facebook page, so just sharing what we share is a big help.” 

Those who aren’t able to volunteer their time can mail in a donation at any time, and every little bit helps. 

Art in the Park typically takes place in the fall, usually in September. But preparation for the event begins almost as soon as the previous event ends. It takes a lot of work and a lot of dedication. But it’s something that really means a lot to the artists of Natrona County. 

Laura Kemberling is an artist. She’s a designer. But she’s also a planner. She’s organized. She’s thorough. She utilizes both sides of her brain, which isn’t something that everybody can do. She can. And, in doing so, she’s become a tremendous asset – both to CPA Consulting Group, LLP and to Art on the Go. 

For more information on Art on the Go, visit their website or follow them on Facebook.