Ashley Lafferty, Bookkeeper

Name: Ashley Lafferty Position: Bookkeeper  Tenure: 5 Months Marital Status/Children: 3 Children Hobbies: Reading & playing chauffeur for her children’s various hobbies and activities Bio: As a single mom of 3 children, embarking on a new career is somewhat of a challenge. Each child has their own interests, their own after school activities, their own… Read More »

Cory Scaling, CPA

Cory Scaling - Staff Accountant

Name: Cory Scaling Title: CPA Tenure at CPA Consulting Group: 9 Years Degrees: B/A in Accounting and Finance Marital Status: Engaged Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Skiing, Basketball & Spending Time with his Fiancé and Friends Bio: Cory Scaling shouldn’t even be here. 3 years ago, Scaling had a heart transplant which, any doctor will tell you,… Read More »

Bryan Junge, CPA

Bryan Junge - CPA

Name: Bryan Junge Title: CPA Tenure at CPA Consulting Group, LLP: 3 Years Degrees: B/A in Accounting & B/A in Marketing Hobbies: “I’m a huge sports fan, so I like to watch and talk about sports as much as I can. I also do a little fishing and hunting when I can, and I enjoy… Read More »