Leoma Brehmer, Staff Accountant

Leoma Brehmer - Bookkeeper/Payroll Specialist

Name: Leoma Brehmer Title: Staff Accountant Tenure: 8 Years Hobbies: Camping, Hiking, Kayaking, And Any Other Outdoor Activity  Bio: Leoma Brehmer knew what she wanted to do from a very young age. She had the wherewithal as a high school student to study a wide array of subjects so that, as an adult, she would… Read More »

Renee Daly, Bookkeeper/Payroll Specialist

Renee Daly - Bookkeeper/Payroll Specialist

Name: Renee Daly Title: Bookkeeper/Payroll Specialist Tenure: 16 Years Hobbies: Going On Walks, Photography, Spending Time With Family, and the Minnesota Vikings. Bio: Renee Daly didn’t know her worth.  At least, she didn’t until she began working at CPA Consulting Group, LLP. As the Bookkeeper and Payroll Specialist, Renee interacts constantly with her fellow employees… Read More »

Kaili Holloway, CPA

Kaili Holloway - CPA

Name: Kaili Holloway Title: CPA Tenure: 10 Years Hobbies: As a married mother of two boys, hobbies are few and far between. “Football is pretty much our life. My oldest son plays football for Kelly Walsh High School, he’s a freshman this year. And my youngest plays in midget football. I’m pretty much a sports… Read More »

Amanda Fancher, Bookkeeper

Amanda Fancher - Administrative Assistant

Name: Amanda Fancher Title: Bookkeeper  Tenure: 5 Years Hobbies: Golfing (Indoor or Outdoor), Volleyball, Pottery, Taking Care of Two Dogs Bio: Amanda Fancher likes learning. So, when the opportunity to work for CPA Consulting Group, LLP came up, she jumped at the chance. She took the job because she knew she would learn a lot. … Read More »

Ashley Lafferty, Bookkeeper

Ashley Lafferty

Name: Ashley Lafferty Position: Bookkeeper  Tenure: 5 Months Marital Status/Children: 3 Children Hobbies: Reading & playing chauffeur for her children’s various hobbies and activities Bio: As a single mom of 3 children, embarking on a new career is somewhat of a challenge. Each child has their own interests, their own after school activities, their own… Read More »

Cory Scaling, CPA

Cory Scaling - Staff Accountant

Name: Cory Scaling Title: CPA Tenure at CPA Consulting Group: 9 Years Degrees: B/A in Accounting and Finance Marital Status: Engaged Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Skiing, Basketball & Spending Time with his Fiancé and Friends Bio: Cory Scaling shouldn’t even be here. 3 years ago, Scaling had a heart transplant which, any doctor will tell you,… Read More »

Bryan Junge, CPA

Bryan Junge - CPA

Name: Bryan Junge Title: CPA Tenure at CPA Consulting Group, LLP: 3 Years Degrees: B/A in Accounting & B/A in Marketing Hobbies: “I’m a huge sports fan, so I like to watch and talk about sports as much as I can. I also do a little fishing and hunting when I can, and I enjoy… Read More »