Amanda Fancher, Office Manager, Bookkeeper/Payroll Specialist

Amanda Fancher, Office Manager, Bookkeeper/Payroll Specialist

Amanda Fancher - Administrative Assistant

Name: Amanda Fancher

Title: Office Manager, Bookkeeper/Payroll Specialist

Tenure: 5 Years

Hobbies: Golfing (Indoor or Outdoor), Volleyball, Pottery, Taking Care of Two Dogs

Bio: Amanda Fancher likes learning. So, when the opportunity to work for CPA Consulting Group, LLP came up, she jumped at the chance. She took the job because she knew she would learn a lot. 

And she has. 

Fancher has been with CPA Consulting Group, LLP for 5 years and, in those 5 years, she has learned much about her own job specifically, and much about the world of CPA’s in general. 

“I’ve learned a lot of things since starting work here,” Fancher said. “Before starting here, I’ve never done bookkeeping, I’ve never done payroll. I’ve never worked in this kind of environment, with people who have this level of intelligence and knowledge. I learn stuff everyday here.” 

Fancher said she began working at CPA Consulting Group, LLP after spending many years working for Money Lenders, in Casper. 

“I was looking to get out of the money loaning business,” she said. “My sister is friends with Dick Bell’s wife and she told me that they had a receptionist opportunity open, so I applied and then I waited.” 

She didn’t have to wait long. Fancher interviewed with Barbara Harkins and Bill Cubin and she was offered the position. 

At first, her duties were fairly typical of a receptionist. She answered phone calls and scheduled appointments and “did a lot of filing and paper shredding.” But she also processed tax returns. Now, she still processes tax returns but she also creates invoices and does the payroll and even has a few bookkeeping clients of her own. 

“I basically keep this office running,” she laughed. 

She said that facetiously, but Fancher really does work hard to make sure CPA Consulting Group, LLP remains one of the best CPA firms in Wyoming and beyond. 

“I think we’re one of the best because of our friendly attitudes,” Fancher said. “We’re pretty personable here and our clients mean something to us. These clients leave an impression on me and I like to know their names and get to know a little bit about them.”

Amanda Fancher has been with CPA Consulting Group, LLP for 5 years. In that time, she has met a lot of people, remembered a lot of names, and done a lot of work. But, more than anything, she has learned a lot of things. And she has loved every minute of it. 

“At CPA Consulting Group, LLP, I enjoy that I get to do new things and learn new things all the time,” she said. “Here, you’re always learning and they’re always adding, and there’s always something new happening. I’m constantly learning something new.” 

And for the girl who loves to learn, she wouldn’t have it any other way.