Ashley Lafferty, Bookkeeper

Ashley Lafferty, Bookkeeper

Name: Ashley Lafferty

Position: Bookkeeper 

Tenure: 5 Months

Marital Status/Children: 3 Children

Hobbies: Reading & playing chauffeur for her children’s various hobbies and activities

Bio: As a single mom of 3 children, embarking on a new career is somewhat of a challenge. Each child has their own interests, their own after school activities, their own passions that require mom to serve as chauffeur, cheerleader, doctor, personal chef, and more every single day of the week. Finding a job that not only tolerates that kind of schedule, but actually supports and encourages it, is difficult. 

That’s why Ashley Lafferty is so thankful to work at CPA Consulting Group, LLC. 

Ashley began working for CPA Consulting Group in August of 2021. As a bookkeeper for the company, she handles many of the internal tasks of the company. 

“I run payrolls, I do monthly bookkeeping as far as bank records and issuing accounts payable checks, and more,” she stated. 

Ashley said she heard about the position from a friend of hers, who is the sister of a CPA in the company, Kaili Holloway. Before working here, she served as an office manager for an oil and gas company, and she worked at another accounting firm as well. She is also currently going to school for business administration, as if she’s not busy enough. But those qualifications made her a perfect fit for CPA Consulting Group, LLC. 

“I interviewed with Barb (Harkins) and Bill (Cubin) and it went really well,” Ashley said. “I really liked everybody and I liked the environment and I got a call 3 or 4 days later and they said that they would love to offer me the job!” 

In the 5 months that Ashley has been with the company, she has learned a lot. She has also developed great relationships with her coworkers, as well as their clients. 

“It’s been wonderful,” she beamed. “I really enjoy the environment. It’s very professional, everyone is working very hard. But it’s also very friendly. There’s really no conflict with anybody. As far as personalities, every is very friendly and willing to help, and we all kind of fit with each other. There is a lot of growth opportunity here. Everybody here is helping everyone else succeed.”

Another big reason why Ashley enjoys her job so much, as well as the people with whom she works, is because of how understanding they are of her schedule and her need to play Super Mom. 

“They’re very flexible here with me and my schedule,” Ashley stated. “I have three kids by myself and they’re very flexible with sports and appointments and such. They’re very family-oriented.” 

The professionals at CPA Consulting Group, LLC are, indeed, family-oriented. And that extends to the actual team as well. Everybody that works there cares for each other, just as a family would. That warm atmosphere is what drew Lafferty in; it’s what has kept her there and will continue to keep her there. 

“I appreciate the opportunity,” she said. “I love working here and I appreciate the family-oriented firm that it is,” she said. “Some companies are just like, ‘Oh man, a single mom with three kids; that seems like a lot of headache.’ But CPA Consulting was very open and understanding and willing to help in any way that they can.” 

And that extends to their clients as well. CPA Consulting Group, LLC exists to help small businesses and owners achieve financial success. From accounting, tax preparation, business planning services and more, CPA Consulting Group, LLC achieves their commitment to exceptional quality through their thorough, in-depth knowledge, their dedicated staff, and their relentless desire to help their clients succeed. 

“Everybody here is very knowledgeable,” Ashley stated. “We’re very willing to help in any way, with all clients. If a client has any questions, they can get on the phone with any of us and we’ll work to find solutions. Clients come first here; that’s what makes us successful as a business. Everybody really wants to serve their clients. Our clients.”