Kaili Holloway, CPA

Kaili Holloway, CPA

Kaili Holloway - CPA

Name: Kaili Holloway

Title: CPA

Tenure: 10 Years

Hobbies: As a married mother of two boys, hobbies are few and far between. “Football is pretty much our life. My oldest son plays football for Kelly Walsh High School, he’s a freshman this year. And my youngest plays in midget football. I’m pretty much a sports mom.”

 Bio: Kaili Holloway has always been good with numbers. While she was going to college, Kaili began working in the Payable & Receivable Department of an oilfield company. She initially graduated with a degree in Psychology, but loved everything that went into the Payable & Receivable job that she switched majors and went back to school for accounting.

“I just think in terms of numbers,” Kaili stated. “I was always really good at math. I like numbers and I like turning them into something meaningful, so I guess that’s what I did.”

Indeed, she did.

Kaili worked for the oilfield company for a few years while she finished her accounting degree, but she knew that, eventually, she wanted to work in public accounting. She saw that CPA Consulting Group, LLP was hiring for a Bookkeeper position and she knew that if she just had a foot in the door, she could become an accountant.

That’s exactly what happened.

Kaili interviewed with Dick Bell and, in her words, the interview was “incredibly intimidating.”

“It’s hard, or different, when you enter into a field that you went to college for,” she stated. “Like, this is going to be your career; it’s not just a job anymore. So, there was a different level of nerves and it’s funny because I can remember that a week after I interviewed, I hadn’t heard anything back from the company, so I was sure I didn’t get the job.”

But, she did. She began working for CPA Consulting Group, LLP on February 19, 2012. And she hasn’t looked back since.

“I work with a fantastic team” Kaili said. “All of our partners care about us; not just as employees, but as people. I know I am appreciated here,  and it naturally makes me want to work harder and strive to provide the best service I can to our clients.”

In fact, for Kaili, it’s the clients that are her favorite part of the job. She may be good with numbers, but she’s also good with people.

“I’ve been managing my own client list for two years,” she stated. “This is my second year, and it’s definitely exposed me more to the client relations side of the job. So, I enjoy when my clients get to come in and we chat and we catch up. I feel like I’m adding value to their business.”

She also adds value to her own business, as a certified CPA. Kaili said she thrives in tax season, but that CPA Consulting Group, LLP is around year-round to help small business owners succeed.

“Tax season isn’t just what we do,” Kaili said. “We’re not just here one or two months out of the year. We’re here to help clients whenever they need it; whether it’s a question about payroll, or they’re thinking of switching something in their company and they’re not sure if it has a tax consequence or not, or something else entirely. We provide support for business owners who don’t want to deal with the accounting aspect of the job. And, we treat clients more like a family. We want to get to know them, we want to know how we can help them. We’re there for more than just a tax return.”